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Companion Care FAQ


  1. What are Companion care services?Companion care services are provided to individuals who need non-medical assistance with daily activities and prefer to maintain an independent lifestyle. These services are often sought by the elderly, new and expectant parents, disabled individuals, and those transitioning from a hospital or medical facility to home.
  2. What services can Ruby Companions provide in the home?Companions can provide any service in the home that is considered non-medical. This includes, but is not limited to, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and grocery shopping.
  3. What makes Ruby different from other Companion care service providers?Ruby Reflections Services is committed to providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Our staff is available around-the-clock, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer free in-home consultations and home safety evaluations every 90 days from a Licensed Nurse, as well as at the start of your program.
  4. How do I know if my Companion is qualified?All of our Companions are thoroughly screened and interviewed prior to employment and are observed regularly by clinical management to ensure that you or your loved one is receiving the attention they deserve.
  5. How long is the wait time for services?Ruby Reflections Services companions are available to start within 24-hours, and often, the same day.
  6. Does Ruby provide Companion care services in assisted living facilities?Yes. Ruby Reflections Services provides Companions to you or your loved one in an assisted living facility. Our goal is to give quality care to you in the environment that’s most comfortable.
  7. Is there a fee if I cancel services?No. There is no hourly minimum or obligation to utilize our Companion care services for any length of time. Our Companions are available on an as-needed basis to fit you or your loved one’s specific needs.
  8. How much do Companion care services cost?The cost of service varies on a case-by-case basis. Ruby Reflections Services coordinates billing with most long-term and private insurance companies*. We also accept personal payment for services.*Please contact your local Companion office for more information.
  9. What if my loved one needs medication or a transfer?

    Companions are not skilled to administer medications or handle a full transfer. B