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About us

Ruby Reflections Services

Ruby Reflections Services is committed to providing person-centered services and supports to individuals who have developmental disabilities. The goal of these services and supports is to promote independence, community involvement, and quality of life.

What should you expect at Ruby Reflections Services

RRS pledges to advocate for the rights and entitlements of persons with developmental disabilities. We value our commitment to these rights by always treating those who use our services, and their families, with dignity and respect. We will engage in community outreach to further awareness of Everyday Lives and contributions made by individuals with developmental disabilities. RSS will establish relationships with governmental and community organizations involved with services and funding for individuals with developmental disabilities. Another priority is to attract, train and retain staff who are committed to providing consistent, high-quality services to individuals. RSS will operate to the highest ethical standards to enable us to protect the ongoing ability to carry out the RRS Mission.

Key Offerings

At our core, we believe that all individuals, no matter the disability, have the right to personal choice and to have control over their life. Ruby Reflections Services LLC, will provide Person Centered services and supports which will maximize and promote: • safety and wellness of the individual; • independent decision-making capabilities; • integration into community life; • healthy lifestyle; • healthy relationships; • safety and wellness of the individual; • independent daily living & educational skills; • continuous quality management/improvement of services; • support for family members and so much more.

Who do we Serve

  • P/FDS Waivers
  • Consolidated Waivers
  • Developmental Programs

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